Monday, November 9, 2009

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cobra Radar Detector Model Explanations

Ok, We get questions daily regarding what are the differences between all the current Cobra radar detector models. Below is a listing of all the current cobra radar detector models and a brief summary of the important differences.

1. XRS-9345
2. XRS-9445
3. XRS-9545
4. XRS-9645
5. XRS-9745
6. XRS-9845
7. XRS-9945
8. XRS-9955
9. XRS-9965 (2010 Model)
10. XRS-9960G
11. XRS-9970G (2010 Model)
12. XRS-R8
12. XRS-R10G

So there are quite a bunch of different sku's but here all all that you need to know. The XRS-9345 --> XRS-9545 are the same with some feature differences.

XRS-9345 - Base Model (LED Display)
XRS-9445 - Same as XRS-9345 but adds Voice Alerts
XRS-9545 - Same as XRS-9445 but adds a better TEXT display

Now the next set of models XRS-9645 --> XRS-9970G are also basically the same performance as each other with the exception of features and displays. All these units use a different antenna than the lower end models so the performance is better which will give you more time to react.

XRS-9645 - Base Model - (Text Display)
XRS-9745 - Same as XRS-9645 but adds Voice Alerts
XRS-9845 - Same as XRS-9745 but includes a LCD Blue Graphic Display and it can connect to the optional Cobra GPS locator for Red Light and Fixed Camera protection.
XRS-9945 - Same as XRS-9845 but includes a MULTI COLOR Graphic Display
XRS-9955 - Same as XRS-9945 but includes a LARGER LCD Multi Color Graphic Display
XRS-9965 - Same as XRS-9955 but it includes the new Touch Screen LCD Display which is new for 2010
XRS-9960G - Same as XRS-9955 but it includes the GPS Locator for Red Light and Fixed Camera protection.
XRS-9970G - Same as XRS-9960G but it includes the new Touch Screen LCD Display which is new for 2010

XRS-R8 & XRS-R10G are basically the same as the XRS-9955 & XRS9960G but they are not windshield mounted units, The XRS-R8 + XRS-R10G come with 2 components. The main component gets mounted on the top of your windshield next to your rear view mirror. This component is basically the control module and the radar and laser sensors.

They come with a wireless remote control that can be mounted anywhere for menu controls and alert displays.

XRS-R8 does not come with the GPS Locator for red light and fixed camera protection while the XRS-R10G includes the GPS Locator. That is the only difference between these two models.

As always if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at 1-888-229-7594 or by email at sales @

Thursday, July 16, 2009

PNI Sensoro Steel Eye RW3100 Cordless Radar Detector

We acquired a large shipment of the PNI Sensoro RW3100 Steel Eye radar detectors which retailed at $169.95, We have them on special for only $69.95 while supplies last.
The PNI RW3100 was the first and one of the very few current cordless radar detectors with the capability to detect the newer POP mode radar guns. The RW3100 operates on 2 rechargeable AA Batteries or the included power cord. Battery charger is also included so you do not need to keep buying batteries for this unit.
Getting a detector for $69.95 that is cordless and can also detect POP radar is unheard of at this price. For more information vist our website:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cobra XRS-R10G Radar Detector

The new Cobra XRS-R10G's have been in stock and selling well at our low price of $299.95. The XRS-R10G is relatively the same as the windshield mounted model the Cobra XRS-9960G. It uses the same antenna and offers the same performance but the Cobra XRS-R10G is more of a stealth installation.

As you can see in the picture above the Cobra XRSR10G is a 2 part unit. The main unit gets hard wired next to your rear view mirror (Hard wire kit comes with the unit) and the remote control unit with the display can be put anywhere in your vehicle. The remote control unit uses a lithium battery so it can go some time before needing to be charged.

If you want the features of the Cobra XRS9960G (Radar Detector + Red Light & Fixed Camera Protection) but want it to be more stealth and not sitting on your windshield than the Cobra XRS-R10G might be the unit for you. At $299.95 it really has no competition in the price range with the features that it offers with the included GPS Locator.

Updating the GPS database is a snap and took us less than 5 minutes to install the software and update the GPS Locator by just connecting the GPS locator to our computers USB Port.

Cobra XRS-9960G Radar Detector

We have been testing the Cobra XRS-9960G radar detector for a few weeks now and I can say its definately a decent unit for its current selling price of $259.95. The number one question we hear from people is why when they ordered a Cobra XRS-9960G did they receive a Cobra XRS-9955 in the box?

Ok, Here is the deal. The Cobra XRS-9960G is actually a bundle sku which contains the Cobra XRS-9955 and the RDA GPSL55 GPS Locator. The huge benefit of buying the XRS-9960G over the individual components is that when you buy the XRS-9960G it is also bundled with a Lifetime Subscription to the AURA Database for Verified Speed and Red Light Camera locations for the entire United States and Canada.

If you purchase the XRS-9955 & the RDA GPSL55 GPS Locator separately it will not only cost you more to buy the two items but you also have to pay to access the AURA database to get updates.

So if looking for a radar detector under $300 and need red light camera protection definately take a good look at the XRS-9960G bundle! For $259.95 you not only get Cobra's top of the line detector (XRS-9955) you get the GPS Locator which will alert you to verified Speed and Red Light Camera locations, dangerous intersections, and reported Speed Trap locations for entire United States and Canada.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New 2009 Whistler PRO-78SE's have arrived!

After a long wait the highly anticipated Whistler PRO-78SE's have arrived. These are on backorder everywhere but we have them in stock and ready to ship. For 2009 the PRO-78's have been refreshed with a new look and improved KA sensitivity.

PRO-78SE's now also include 2 additional fuctions (RSID) Exclusive Radar Signature ID which will displays known Ka gun frequencies which will help users sort real and possible false KA alerts. (LSID) Exclusive Laser Signature ID which displays Pulses Per Second (PPS) of the received laser signals and gives you the ability to lockout certain false laser alerts.

Friday, February 13, 2009

New 2009 Cobra Radar Detectors

The new 2009 Cobra Radar Detectors are starting to hit our shelves, We have in stock the new XRS-9955, XRS-9945, XRS-9845, XRS-9745, and the rest of the new models should be in stock early next week.

Cobra now considers their detectors 15 Band radar detectors, Up from 12 Bands in 2008. The newer 2009 models will now also alert you to Spectre IV (RDD's) and two new laser guns (STALKER LIDAR+ & SPEEDLASER +)

Another change is the XRS-9845 & XRS-9945 can now also be connected to the optional GPSL Antenna to alert you to Red Light & Fixed Camera locations.

No date yet on the XRS-9960G, Which is just a bundle of the XRS-9955 & GPSL Antenna.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

December Gift Certificate Winner

In December instead of choosing a radar detector to give away we decided to just give out a $300 Best Radar Detectors gift certificate. The December winner was John Carlson from MA. For January we will be going back to giving away a radar detector which will be the Beltronics V995 which sells for $249.95

We hope everyone has a great new year and we look forward to all the new 2009 products that will be coming out soon. Once we start receiving the new 2009 product information we will post it here. Thank you for being part of our website and as always if you have any questions always feel free to contact us.