Monday, December 8, 2014

Flashing headlights to warn drivers going to be a crime?

What is this world coming to.... I remember the days when everyone would flash upcoming drivers to warn them of fixed speed camera traps and it was the right thing to do.  I mean someone flashes you and you immediately check your speed and this is a good thing right? I mean its all about safety right?

A case in Missouri was recently filed in the name of Jerry L. Jarman Jr, a Kansas motorist ticketed on August 24 because he used his headlights to warn oncoming traffic of a speed trap. Such prosecutions have taken place around the country and now the common practice of flashing has become a ticketing event 

In October, the ACLU filed a similar lawsuit in Delaware to fight back. Unlike the Delaware case, where police used a turn signal statute to outlaw headlight flashing, Grain Valley has a specific ordinance making it a crime to warn of a speed trap.

Can only wonder what the future will bring.  

Friday, November 28, 2014

New Comparison between Max, Max 2 & Escort Redline Radar Detectors

On the main website we put up a new comparison of the Max, Max2 & Escort Redline radar detectors. In short all 3 of these detectors are really some of the best windshield mounted radar detectors that have ever been created.  The Max since it was was introduced has really come a very long way and while it did have a very rough introduction with each firmware version the unit has become much more stable. 

The Max 2 although I cant understand the naming makes you think its a next generation product but its really the same detector but they now added a Bluetooth chip inside the detector so you no longer need a separate Escort Live cable to connect to Escort's Escort Live service.  They really in my option named the Max 2 incorrectly and there should be the Escort Max and a Max BT (Embedded Bluetooth). 

In any case the Max & Max 2 are very good detectors now.  My preference for raw range is still the Redline but the Max Series are much better than the 9500 series that they replace.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Radar Detector Deals for 2014

As we have done in the past we will run a Black Friday -> Cyber Monday Sale for 2014 but because many items we sell are MAP'd we can not advertise these to the public on our site.  You can sign up for updates and sales via email by clicking here.  If you need help on choosing the best radar detector based on your budget some great information can be obtained on our Best Radar Detector Reviews Page. We will be here to help you choose the best radar detector to give as a gift this holiday season.

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Anti Laser Priority does it again... Best Laser Jammer of 2014

The RALETC testing group recently completed their Annual Laser Jammer Shootout and the results have been posted and the ALP wins Best Laser Jammer 2 years in a row.  Not bad since the product only came out 2 years ago and it immediately took the top spot after its initial release.

There was a surprise with a new LTI gun which was recently released which caused issues for every jammer company but Anti Laser has already responded with a fix and that new gun is no longer an issue.

"The ALP came on the scene a couple of years ago with one goal. To be the best performing diode jammer on the market. They continue to get the latest guns and are fast to update their firmware to tackle them. The ALP was met with a surprise this weekend on the Truspeed SX as it appeared on some runs to be IPT and others JTG. During our initial testing we stopped performing ALP runs after it appeared the ALP was unsuccessful at jamming this gun, but we later discovered all the manufacturers had difficulty and even IPT depending on the run. Upon further review ALP has identified the issue and has already released an update to address this threat. As of October 25th, none of the other manufacturers have attempted to address this issue and all had less than stellar performance depending on the run. ALP continues to provide the best protection compared to ALL of the other laser jammers and they are very fast to tackle the latest from the lidar manufacturers. Even the infamous DragonEye guns were no match for ALP today."

Escort Releases the New Passport Max2

When Escort released the new Max2 all the original Max early adopters were concerned that they Max2 was going to make their original purchase obsolete.  The Truth is the new Escort Passport Max2 is not much different than the original Max.

Here is a quick Comparison of the Escort Max & Max2

In Short... The new Passport Max2 is the same as the original Passport Max with the exception that it now has built in Bluetooth for connection to Escort Live using your smartphone, It can now support Spanish & English menus and includes Air Patrol alerts using Escort Live.

If you already have the Passport Max there is no need to upgrade to the new Max2. There will be a firmware update that will give your original Max the same features of the Max2. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

AL Priority is the Best Laser Jammer

Been a while since we have posted because we have been so busy lately.  We even forgot to post a followup to our previous post regarding the DragonEye Compact and which Laser Defense system would protect against this gun. 

Here was the followup video which we forgot to post:

Since that video was released several months ago the AL Priority is still the only Laser Defense system that can protect against that gun.  Most competitors still do not even alert to this gun so you dont even have any time to react when hit.

There have also been a few updates on the AL Priority to also add support for even more new guns that hit the market including the New Stalker XLR w/Anti Jam features which the LSP & Blinder Units also do not alert to.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Can any Laser Jammers detect the DragonEye Compact?

For months we have been asked this question and till today only the AntiLaser AL Priority is the only laser defense product that can detect this extremely hard to detect gun.  The folks over at RALETC made this video showing the latest products from Escort, Blinder, Laser Interceptor and AntiLaser.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More AL Priority Testing Video's

The AL Priority from AntiLaser is by far the best laser jammer out at the moment.  Nothing comes close with the amount of features and the performance of this unit.  Check out this new video of the AL Priority against 3 Laser Guns with only a single head mounted in the front and single head in the rear.

For more information on the AL Priority Laser Defense system visit the AL Priority USA Homepage.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Cobra SPX Series Now Available

We now carry the new Cobra SPX-7800BT Radar Detector

The new SPX Series is the culmination of Cobra’s over 30 years of experience in building quality, high-performance, radar/laser detectors. The SPX Series combines following cutting-edge technology to achieve its supercharged performance – nearly doubling the detection range of its predecessors:

• Ultra-low-noise, signal ampli fiers that once were affordable only to military systems
• Low-microwave-loss circuitry utilizing gold-plated circuit boards
• Use of ip-chip Mixer/Multiplier diodes in packages that were once unattainable
• First Local Oscillator Transistor (Super-low-noise, high-mobility J-FET) that has been chosen to optimize signal gain, output power, and low noise characteristics over its frequency range
• Powerful CPU that enables sweeping of the entire police radar band spectrum in less than 240 milliseconds
Looks great on paper especially with the built in Bluetooth chip to connect to both Android & Apple devices.  We will have to do some testing to see if Cobra finally came out with something that could compete with the Escort & Beltronics detectors.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Escort Laser Shifter Pro Laser Jammer

I am still baffled that the new Escort Laser Shifter Pro is a re-branded Laser Interceptor Laser Jammer with the Escort name on it.  With all of Escort's resources I really was hoping that the new Laser Shifter Pro would be a new product to the market that would fully integrate with their Escort & Beltronics radar detectors.

Escort Laser Shifter Pro
Instead they released a stand alone product which will retail for slightly above the retail price of the current Laser Interceptor laser jammer.  The only good thing is that the Laser Shifter Pro will be sold through all authorized dealers so basically every dealer could not sell the Laser Interceptor under the Escort Name.

We will test as soon as possible but I could only guess it would perform exactly the same as the current Laser Interceptor systems and if that is the case that leaves AL Priority as the current leader in Laser Jamming technology.