Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Finally a Redline Sensitive Radar Detector with GPS

Wow.. Just wow. The long held title of the best performing windshield mount detector was once the Escort Redline ($549.95).  The Escort Redline was extremely sensitive and lead the performance tests for years but over the past several years as car manufactures introduced new blind spot and adaptive cruise control sensors the Escort Redline had become plagued with false alerts.  The raw detecting power of the Redline was amazing but the lacking of good filtering and no GPS capability to ignore fixed false alerts caused many users to start to find alternate products.

Escort's answer to the issue was the release of the Escort Max 360 ($649.95) and this detector has shown good promise in having good performance, GPS for false fixed alerts and a much better filter for false alerts from vehicles on the road but as of this writing 4/2017 the filtering is still not up to par with less expensive units such as the Uniden DFR7 ($299.95) or Radenso XP ($399.95) or even the latest V1 ($399.95).  Uniden's answer was the new Uniden R1 & Uniden R3 series and boy they have a home run with these new models.  The R1 is their base DSP Model priced at only $299.95 and offers Redline Performance and much better filtering at a fraction of the price.  The R3 is their GPS enabled version for $399.95 and it add's the ability to mark and ignore fixed false alerts such as automatic door openers and also includes a red light camera database for the entire US & Canada.

Here is a comparison of the sensitivity among the most popular models high end models:

What you will see here is that the Uniden R1 & R3 have better performance than some units that cost 2x their price.  In recent testing we have seen the new Uniden models beat even some remotely installed systems costing $2500 or more which is truly amazing and I personally think they are under priced and they should be priced higher.  At their current price of  $299.95 (Uniden R1) and $399.95 (Uniden R3) they are incredible bargains and I honestly cant see anyone recommending a higher priced unit unless they just want to make more money and not recommend the best product for the money.