Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Whistler XTR-695 Radar Detector

Well, The long wait is over... The Whistler XTR-695's are finally here. Over the past year whistler has been trying to improve their detectors with some re-engineering and its working. We now rate the Whistler's top 3 detectors (XTR-690, Pro-78 and new Whistler XTR-695) as our top picks under $200.

The Whistler XTR-695 adds some cool features:

1. Selective Multi Color Display... This is a neat feature and not only can you change the display colors to better match your car interior but you can select certain colors for different bands. If you want X band alert to display in Blue and a KA to alert it red its up to you and there are 7 colors to choose from.

2. Ka Band & Laser Signature Id - During a laser alert the Whistler XTR-695 will display the pulse rate of the laser gun being used. You will have the capabilty to block certain pulse rates which is especially useful if you have ever travelled past an airport and experienced the constant false laser alerts that are caused from some of the airport tracking equipment.

More info will come as we play with this new detector and we will do a full review after a month or so.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cathing up on the blog...

Sorry, we forget to update the blog to keep everyone updated on the monthly detector giveaway results. Results besides the blog are always up to date on the following link:


Here is a recap of 2008 winners to date:

January 2008 - Cobra 9930
David Dooley, TX
Lisa McLean, IL

February 2008 - Escort 9500i Blue
Jay Stine, CA

March 2008 - Beltronics RX65 Blue
Andy Lalancette, Canada

April 2008 - Beltronics RX55
Francis Owanta, NY
Felia Sycila, PR

May 2008 - Cobra 9950
Marota Sanchez, CA

June 2008 - Escort 8500x50 Red
Kent Rosario, FL

There have been some new products released from Escort & Beltronics and a few new products coming from Whistler. In a few days we will catch up on posting information on all of the new products.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lets get up to date...

Ok, We just realized we have not posted in a while so lets get up to date. Past monthly drawing winners were posted on the site but not on the blog.

In January we gave away 2 Cobra XRS-9930 Radar Detectors. One winner was David Dooley from Texas and the other was Lisa McLean from Illinois.

In February we gave away a brand new Escort 9500i Blue Version to Jay Stine from California.

In March we gave away one of the brand new Beltronics RX65 Blue Version to Andy Lalancette from Canada.

The first quarter for 2008 there were many new products that were introduced.

1. Escort 9500i Blue
2. Beltronics RX65 Blue
3. Beltronics STi-R
4. Cobra 9340
5. Cobra 9440
6. Cobra 9540
7. Cobra 9640
8. Cobra 9740
9. Cobra 9840
10. Cobra 9940
11. Cobra 9950

We have some new Laser Jammers on the way from Escort and LPP coming this month as well. When we have some time we will do some reviews on all of the new products. Stay tunned!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

December Winner

Ok, we have tried to create a monthly giveaway and we have been running into many obsticles due to customers that are adding people they know to our give away list without letting their friends and family know they are doing it. This is creating many issues for us and it is making this giveaway very difficult to maintain. Contacting winners have been a very difficult task since we have been having issues with ISP's automatically blocking our emails as spam. Once we choose a winner we email them and they have 7 days to respond to claim the prize. If we do not receive a response we have to choose another winner and it becomes time consuming.

Why are we having this issue? There are many folks that are not happy with just entering themselves into the giveaway, They are entering all their friends and families email addresses as well. When their friends and family receive the confirmation email that we send out they report our emails as spam since they did not sign up to receive anything from us... This causes the ISP's to mark our emails as spam and folks that did sign up might not get a winning notification because of this.

From this point forward only one email address is allowed per IP address. If the same IP address submits multiple email addresses ALL email address will be voided and none will be entered into the give away.

It took almost 3 weeks to find a winner for Decembers drawing. The winner of the Beltronics RX65 was Michael Rubinstein from TN. For January we have already choosen 2 winners and both with receive Cobra 9930 Radar Detectors. As soon as we receive a reply from the 2 winners which were emailed we will post their information.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

October & November Winners

Sorry for the late post, We were very busy during the holidays and things are finally calming down. The October Winnder for the Cobra XRS-R9G was Emanuel Hernandez from Florida and the November winner for the Cobra XRS-R7 was Edward Gillespie from Canada. Edward being from Canada opted for a credit towards a Beltronics STi Driver since its a better choice for our Canadian friends. The December winner will be posted after we get back from CES next week checking out the new products that will be coming out soon.