Friday, February 13, 2009

New 2009 Cobra Radar Detectors

The new 2009 Cobra Radar Detectors are starting to hit our shelves, We have in stock the new XRS-9955, XRS-9945, XRS-9845, XRS-9745, and the rest of the new models should be in stock early next week.

Cobra now considers their detectors 15 Band radar detectors, Up from 12 Bands in 2008. The newer 2009 models will now also alert you to Spectre IV (RDD's) and two new laser guns (STALKER LIDAR+ & SPEEDLASER +)

Another change is the XRS-9845 & XRS-9945 can now also be connected to the optional GPSL Antenna to alert you to Red Light & Fixed Camera locations.

No date yet on the XRS-9960G, Which is just a bundle of the XRS-9955 & GPSL Antenna.

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