Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Blinder Diode Laser Jammer is on the way

For a while now there has not been much competition on the laser jammer front.  For a while its really been either sticking with the Escort ZR4 Shifter's for the easy integration with your current Escort or Beltronics radar detectors or getting a 3rd party laser jammer like the Laser Interceptor.

Blinder is finally stepping up and releasing a new Diode laser jammer which will finally add some needed competition in this product category.  So far on paper the unit looks very promising but as with all countermeasure equipment  its performance is all that counts.

Hopefully we will have a unit to play with in the next week or so and after installing and testing one we will be sure to give an honest review of this new product.  Stay tuned for more info on this product.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Laser VEIL G4 is back in stock!

For everyone that has been on B/O of Laser VEIL all orders have been shipped. I guess VEIL itself was not ready or all the early warm weather and they ran out of their own product. In any case we received our shipment and all orders have shipped.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Escort Live gives the Redline some needed improvements

The comparison between the Escort 9500ix and Escort Redline has now changed with the introduction of Escort Live.  Many have said that they now consider their Escort Redline to almost be an Redline IX.  The ability to get the better performance from the Redline and add the camera protection and lock out functions once only available on the Escort 9500ix.  If you have a Redline I would definately look into adding Escort Live and see how much better the Redline is in the city,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So what is the most sensitive Radar Detector?

Well even with the release of the new Beltronics Magnum which added a huge performance boost over the original Beltronics STi Driver radar detector, We still would choose the Escort Redline over the new Sti Magnum.  Both radar detectors use the same platform and offer the same features but rumors are there will be an update for the Escort Redline which will add band segmentation (Currently available on the high end custom installed Sti-R Plus) which will give the Redline an advantage.  We are not sure if they plan to also give this feature to the new Magnum.

Many people have been requesting that Escort add Band Segmentation for a few years now on their windshield mounted line and Escort has acknowledged that they were listening.  When this update comes it would definately push the Escort Redline into the Best Vehicle Radar Detectors slot when looking at performance.