Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cobra XRS-R10G Radar Detector

The new Cobra XRS-R10G's have been in stock and selling well at our low price of $299.95. The XRS-R10G is relatively the same as the windshield mounted model the Cobra XRS-9960G. It uses the same antenna and offers the same performance but the Cobra XRS-R10G is more of a stealth installation.

As you can see in the picture above the Cobra XRSR10G is a 2 part unit. The main unit gets hard wired next to your rear view mirror (Hard wire kit comes with the unit) and the remote control unit with the display can be put anywhere in your vehicle. The remote control unit uses a lithium battery so it can go some time before needing to be charged.

If you want the features of the Cobra XRS9960G (Radar Detector + Red Light & Fixed Camera Protection) but want it to be more stealth and not sitting on your windshield than the Cobra XRS-R10G might be the unit for you. At $299.95 it really has no competition in the price range with the features that it offers with the included GPS Locator.

Updating the GPS database is a snap and took us less than 5 minutes to install the software and update the GPS Locator by just connecting the GPS locator to our computers USB Port.

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