Friday, October 31, 2014

The Anti Laser Priority does it again... Best Laser Jammer of 2014

The RALETC testing group recently completed their Annual Laser Jammer Shootout and the results have been posted and the ALP wins Best Laser Jammer 2 years in a row.  Not bad since the product only came out 2 years ago and it immediately took the top spot after its initial release.

There was a surprise with a new LTI gun which was recently released which caused issues for every jammer company but Anti Laser has already responded with a fix and that new gun is no longer an issue.

"The ALP came on the scene a couple of years ago with one goal. To be the best performing diode jammer on the market. They continue to get the latest guns and are fast to update their firmware to tackle them. The ALP was met with a surprise this weekend on the Truspeed SX as it appeared on some runs to be IPT and others JTG. During our initial testing we stopped performing ALP runs after it appeared the ALP was unsuccessful at jamming this gun, but we later discovered all the manufacturers had difficulty and even IPT depending on the run. Upon further review ALP has identified the issue and has already released an update to address this threat. As of October 25th, none of the other manufacturers have attempted to address this issue and all had less than stellar performance depending on the run. ALP continues to provide the best protection compared to ALL of the other laser jammers and they are very fast to tackle the latest from the lidar manufacturers. Even the infamous DragonEye guns were no match for ALP today."

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