Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Escort Laser Shifter Pro Laser Jammer

I am still baffled that the new Escort Laser Shifter Pro is a re-branded Laser Interceptor Laser Jammer with the Escort name on it.  With all of Escort's resources I really was hoping that the new Laser Shifter Pro would be a new product to the market that would fully integrate with their Escort & Beltronics radar detectors.

Escort Laser Shifter Pro
Instead they released a stand alone product which will retail for slightly above the retail price of the current Laser Interceptor laser jammer.  The only good thing is that the Laser Shifter Pro will be sold through all authorized dealers so basically every dealer could not sell the Laser Interceptor under the Escort Name.

We will test as soon as possible but I could only guess it would perform exactly the same as the current Laser Interceptor systems and if that is the case that leaves AL Priority as the current leader in Laser Jamming technology.

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