Friday, November 28, 2014

New Comparison between Max, Max 2 & Escort Redline Radar Detectors

On the main website we put up a new comparison of the Max, Max2 & Escort Redline radar detectors. In short all 3 of these detectors are really some of the best windshield mounted radar detectors that have ever been created.  The Max since it was was introduced has really come a very long way and while it did have a very rough introduction with each firmware version the unit has become much more stable. 

The Max 2 although I cant understand the naming makes you think its a next generation product but its really the same detector but they now added a Bluetooth chip inside the detector so you no longer need a separate Escort Live cable to connect to Escort's Escort Live service.  They really in my option named the Max 2 incorrectly and there should be the Escort Max and a Max BT (Embedded Bluetooth). 

In any case the Max & Max 2 are very good detectors now.  My preference for raw range is still the Redline but the Max Series are much better than the 9500 series that they replace.

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