Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Whistler XTR-695 Radar Detector

Well, The long wait is over... The Whistler XTR-695's are finally here. Over the past year whistler has been trying to improve their detectors with some re-engineering and its working. We now rate the Whistler's top 3 detectors (XTR-690, Pro-78 and new Whistler XTR-695) as our top picks under $200.

The Whistler XTR-695 adds some cool features:

1. Selective Multi Color Display... This is a neat feature and not only can you change the display colors to better match your car interior but you can select certain colors for different bands. If you want X band alert to display in Blue and a KA to alert it red its up to you and there are 7 colors to choose from.

2. Ka Band & Laser Signature Id - During a laser alert the Whistler XTR-695 will display the pulse rate of the laser gun being used. You will have the capabilty to block certain pulse rates which is especially useful if you have ever travelled past an airport and experienced the constant false laser alerts that are caused from some of the airport tracking equipment.

More info will come as we play with this new detector and we will do a full review after a month or so.

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