Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cathing up on the blog...

Sorry, we forget to update the blog to keep everyone updated on the monthly detector giveaway results. Results besides the blog are always up to date on the following link:


Here is a recap of 2008 winners to date:

January 2008 - Cobra 9930
David Dooley, TX
Lisa McLean, IL

February 2008 - Escort 9500i Blue
Jay Stine, CA

March 2008 - Beltronics RX65 Blue
Andy Lalancette, Canada

April 2008 - Beltronics RX55
Francis Owanta, NY
Felia Sycila, PR

May 2008 - Cobra 9950
Marota Sanchez, CA

June 2008 - Escort 8500x50 Red
Kent Rosario, FL

There have been some new products released from Escort & Beltronics and a few new products coming from Whistler. In a few days we will catch up on posting information on all of the new products.

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