Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beltronics RX65 vs. New Beltronics Pro 300

Beltronics recently introduced the new Beltronics PRO 300 which will be replacing the old proven RX65.  Upon opening the new PRO 300's I have noticed these immediate differences:

1. There is no user manual. Strange but they only include a quick reference card and a link to the Beltronics website if you want to download a manual.
2. The Smart Coiled cord was replaced with the newer Combo Smart Cord (Half Straight & Half Coiled)
3. There is no more support for KU Band.
4. The is still KA Band USA or International Mode
5. They no longer include a carrying case

I like the new rubberized black finish on the new models:

Part of the increased performance on the new Beltronics PRO 300 is due to a new lens which was also recently introduced to the Escort 8500x50 Black models.

I plan to take the PRO 300 out tonight and do some testing and see if the claims of better performance can be noticed in real world driving.  I will keep everyone posted.