Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Uniden Radar Detectors make it onto our best radar detector list for 2015

What a surprise from Uniden this year in that they put out some budget detectors like the LRD-450 priced at $69 and the LRD-750 which we have priced at $99 which actually performed amazing for these prices.  Usually under $99 detectors in these price ranges were junk and usually operated only as ticket notifiers because their sensitivity was usually so poor.  When we first tested these units we were shocked that they were keeping up with some detectors costing 3x and 4x their price.

We had to adjust our 2015 Best Radar Detectors list to remove some of the Whistler models and replace them with these new Uniden Models.  Under $100 there is no doubt that either of these units are the new leaders in the price category.  The performance on the $69 LRD-450 exceeded the performance of any Cobra radar detector that we tested and performed better than any Whistler unit priced $200 or less which is an amazing accomplishment.

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