Thursday, November 21, 2013

Testing the new AL Priority & Sti-R Plus integration

We have received some AL Priority Radar Modules and have begun testing them:  Below is a photo of the module and you can see the connections for the Beltronics Sti-R Plus & Beltronics 975 radar antennas.  They will also in the future add support for the Valentine One.

AL Priority R/G Plugin Module
And I have it connected to my Beltronics Sti-R Plus head and I confirmed that it does in deed work and communicate properly.  I will need to spend more time testing the integration to make sure its response time is just as fast as the regular segmented Sti-R Plus.

Al Priority Connected to Sti-R Plus Antenna

We will keep everyone updated on the progress of this integration but so far all seems to be working well.  Without the visual display or the Bluetooth smartphone app and only having tone alerts the experience is not the greatest yet but its coming along.  Once the Bluetooth module comes out and we can voice alerts and the visual display it will be much more attractive.

For more information on this integration you can click here.

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