Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shake up in the Laser Jammer market soon?

The US market for Laser Jammer's has been dominated the past few years by Laser Interceptor, Blinder had recently had released their HP-905 Diode Laser Jammer to compete in the market and now coming soon with be a 3rd major player.  The real makers of the ALG9 will be releasing the new AL PRIORITY laser Jammer soon here in the US.

To sign up for updates on this product view this webpage:

The AL Priority will be the smallest and most powerful sensor yet available, internet upgradeable & user programmable control unit, with new handy add-ons. Assuring top quality & inventive solutions, they proudly carry a list of registered and pending patents in the USA and worldwide proving to be a leader in the field. AL brand of products is designed and manufactured in Europe.

Introducing new features with AL PRIORITY:

  • though smaller, new sensor gives even higher class of laser reception (+15%)
  • still holding the widest angle protection (up to ±15°H ±15°V)
  • still the most resistant to noise and light interferences
  • fully effective from 10V to 17V power supply
  • so many different options in the set up, to satisfy any user - colorful and user friendly
  • Control Box is internet upgradeable and programmable by USB stick
  • new add ons designed for our multipurpose parking aid
 Stay tuned for more information! This will be a major US player in the market.