Friday, September 28, 2012

Are radar detector still useful today?

We get customers asking us if radar detectors are still useful today as they were years ago and the answer is definately YES! Radar Detectors today are much smarter and can do so much more than detectors made just a few years ago.  While laser guns seems to be growing in popularity with the prices dropping on them radar is still preferred for most vehicles in motion.

Today's radar detectors also have GPS antenna's built in to some of the higher end radar detectors.  Not only do these detectors alert to radar and laser signals but now they can also warn the driver when they are coming up on intersections that have known speed traps, red light cameras and also fixed speed cameras.  Cameras are all public records and there are companies that compile all this camera data and you can simply download all these locations right into your radar detector.

New Products like Escort Live use Live data shared from other drivers using smart phone apps to inform drivers in the area of live speed traps. See photo below:

There are many really good radar detectors on the market today and there is not one that is the best for everything.  The best suggestion we can make is to contact a sales or customer service rep through and we will help point you to the best radar detector for your specific needs based on your driving habits and the locations that you travel through.