Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Escort Live - Not taking off as expected?

I must say that I was very excited about Escort Live when it first shipped in December.  The potential for this product is enormous but it relies on other users to report live radar and laser alerts.  The problem is from my experience that there seems to be no one besides myself even using it in my State.  I know its hard to believe but since using it I have never seen a Live alert.

I also find it inconvenient to use the Live Smartcord and much prefer to use the hardwired power cord instead so at this point I have stopped using Escort Live and will try again in the future when they come out with Live for their hard wired customers.  Hopefully by then there will be many more users to the system which will make it much more beneficial.

I also use a Beltronics Sti-R Plus in my primary vehicle because its the Best Radar Detector ever made but again no Escort Live for remote mounted units either.  Hopefully soon.

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