Friday, November 16, 2007

PNI Traveller II's are back...

Some time ago the PNI Traveller II was a very sort after unit since it offered very good protection for a lower priced detector. The Traveller II's were discontinued last year when PNI Corp decided that they no longer wanted to be in the radar detector business. At that time we ran many backorders while we searched distribution to try and find any distributors that might have any stock leftover before we had to cancel the backorders.

Good news is that Q3I Innovations LLC took over PNI's radar detector line and the Traveller II's as well as other familiar detectors such as the Silver Bullets are back. What sets this manufacture apart from the other manufactures is that they only produce cordless radar detectors. Most of the time do to power issues the perfomance on cordless detectors suffer but their detectors still manage to perform well on battery power.

If you are looking for a cordless detector they are definately worth a look. Check out the new Q3I products here!

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