Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Cobra Cobra XRS-R7 & XRS-R9G Wireless Detectors

Cobra recently introduced 2 new products to their offerings the XRS-R7 & XRS-9RG wireless radar detectors. These two new detectors offer equal performace to their current top of the line windshield mounted radar detectors. The XRS-R7 & XRS-9RG are the same exact unit except the XRS-9RG adds a GPS antenna which allows the unit to alert you to red light / speed camera's using a free database of compliled data that Cobra provides for free.

These units are not like standard cordless radar detectors that just run off of AA Batteries or Rechargable batteries. These units have a main radar detector unit that needs to be hard wired into your electrical system using an included hard wire kit.

The wireless portion of this detector is the Intellilink Remote Display unit which looks like a small remote control with a graphic LCD display. This wireless remote offers the controls and the screen to display the radar detectors information.

We have been testing this unit and it appears to be a decent detector for its price. if you live in an area where red light cameras are popping up all over the place and want some notification of these locations the XRS-9RG might do the trick. What we do like is that Cobra offers this camera data for free unlike many companies that charge fee's to get these updates. Updating the GPS unit took only a few seconds with a quick download from Cobra's website.

As we do more testing we will post more information. We currently have this unit installed in one of our vehicles and after some time we will report back our findings. If you are not a handy person and do not want to pay for an installation since it does need to be hard wired into your electricial system, but want the GPS functions you might want to look at the Escort 9500i windshield mounted detector. It is priced higher but does offer better radar performance.

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